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Showcasing no art because Matt Harmon got too busy.

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Safe Travels

Vancouver's own Safe Travels will be in house recording all of March! Podcasting and live feeds will follow the events. The 4 piece will be hosting live events weekly for the enjoyment of all!

Marsyas is Roadkill

  Once upon a time, deep in a forest that no longer exists. Marsyas the satyr was playing in the mud, having a grand old time. Apollo the god happened by and seeing Marsyas having a fun time, decided to join him. The more the merrier, Marsyas thought, and they played together all day. Reveling in the grime and boundless possibilities of imagination.   

The Future is Yours!

We are always looking for new artists to showcase in the future months! Anything from live music, visual art, and all formats of media. 

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